Manage reimbursements with Moss

Almost all business trip expenses can be paid for with Moss cards. Now there's a simple solution for out-of-pocket expenses that employees incur. Pay for expenses with Moss and process reimbursements with just a few clicks. Whether it's a cash payment, a mileage allowance or per diems.

Goodbye expense reports

Moss helps settle all business expenses incurred digitally. Export data directly to accounting software of your choice.

Easy and automatic

Employees provide relevant travel data and upload receipts. Moss calculates flat rates automatically.

Hassle-free approvals

Set up your own approval structures within the Moss platform and approve travel expenses with a click.

More productive teams

Save all involved parties a ton of paperwork, complex calculations, definition of flat rates and budgets.

Manage employee reimbursements end to end

Spend, approve, reimburse

Whether it's five pound for parking or 500 for catering an event. Traditionally, when employees spend money, a long and cumbersome process lies ahead. With Moss, expenses are submitted in less than five minutes and approved with just a couple of clicks. Employees get reimbursed faster and finance teams maintain a clear overview.

Always the right per diems

Night train to Lisbon or a boat ride to Copenhagen: Now you'll never have to look up individual per diems again, because Moss automatically calculates based on the current exchange rates. Save yourself the trouble of searching and calculating and focus on the things that really count.

Individual approvals, easy reimbursement

With Moss, you speed up approvals drastically. Review expenses digitally in Moss and reimburse your employees faster. Grant approvals with the click of a button or send requests back for correction. Save yourself the hassle of back and forth communication.

You're barely back, but your money is already in

No one likes waiting weeks for a reimbursement. With Moss, you can transfer the amount directly to the employee's account or pay it with the next salary. Accounting is done in seconds thanks to seamless integration with software of your choice.

Manage reimbursements with Moss.
Take workload off your team’s shoulders.

Reimburse expenses digitally

With Moss, reimbursement claims involving paper are a thing of the past. They are submitted digitally so you can keep track of everything. Claim reimbursements with the click of a button and process them promptly. Moss automatically calculates mileage allowances and per diems. You'll never have to look up current exchange rates again, and you'll never make a faulty calculation.

Expenses reimbursed directly to the account

With Moss, employees get their money back in a flash. A photo uploaded on the Moss mobile app from wherever they are, is all it takes. There’s no need to scan. All relevant travel data can be entered with just a few clicks. Moss calculates the reimbursement amount automatically – and at the same time ensures all claims are correct.

Reach targets faster

Make your reimbursement related work simple. Moss has all the relevant data required for this. Receipts for cash expenses? They’re already in the system. Mileage and other allowances? Moss calculates them automatically. Submit claims in seconds, process reimbursements conveniently and pay back the relevant amount with salaries or via bank transfers.

Create standard processes

Moss provides consistent processes for reimbursements across the organisation, with no need for pages full of detailed and complex spending policies. Employees request reimbursements centrally using Moss, so you always have an overview. One click and the expense is approved, or sent back for correction. Simple, fast, transparent.


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Experience Moss now and digitise employee reimbursements.

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