Receipts. Simplified.

Focus on your work. We’ll take care of the admin. Automation makes it easy to submit, review, and export receipts. Auto-reminders notify your team about missing receipts, with comments shared through the platform. Who knew receipt management could be a breeze?

Hands-free receipts

Help your team get their receipts in on time, every time. Once the Receipt Finder is activated, your team won’t need to upload receipts from key merchants. Moss fetches your receipts via email or integration, matching them to the correct transaction. Nothing else required.

Goodbye extra paperwork

Submit receipts, your way. Just forward the receipts directly to your Moss Inbox. Or snap a photo of the receipt and upload it in the Moss mobile app. Moss automatically matches receipts to the right transactions and fills out receipt data with OCR technology.

Stop chasing receipts

A friendly reminder helps you close month-end smoothly. Send messages to your team, or set up automated reminders via email or Slack. Users are notified directly that their receipts require attention.

Stay in control

Still missing receipts? Set up policies in the Moss platform to automatically block the cards of employees with consistently missing receipts. No additional inputs needed from the finance team. Stay tax compliant and in control of overall company spend.

Speed up bookkeeping

With connections to most accounting software, receipts are exported with a click. Your accountant can view them and make comments too. Put an end to manually uploading receipts and categorising spend to speed up month-end closing. Your team will thank you for all the time saved.

How it works:

Submit receipts, your way.

Receipts can be captured in four ways:
1. Activate Receipt Finder to automatically fetch receipts.
2. Forward receipts to your Moss Inbox.
3. Snap a picture and upload via the Moss mobile app.
4. Upload directly in Moss dashboard.

Easily review receipts.

With automation rules, there’s no need to fill in accounting details for recurring spend; Moss will fill in the information for you. If a receipt is incorrect, you can mark it as invalid and leave a message explaining why. Employees will be directly notified.

Monitor and track receipts.

The automated missing receipts policy makes it easy to reduce spending limits or block cards of employees with many missing receipts. Employees will be notified directly by email and in Moss.

Automate bookkeeping.

Expenses are auto-categorised, and receipts can be directly exported with a click. Moss integrates with your accounting software, making month-end bookkeeping seamless.

Moss combines all the tools you need in one place

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