Corporate Cards

Full flexibility, full control.

Employees request cards in seconds. You approve, block or restrict as necessary. When employees use Moss cards, they can submit receipts immediately, and you can view all spend in a detailed, real-time and responsive overview.

Track your entire card spend.

Always know who’s using which card and why. Thanks to digital 1:1 mapping between cards, users and merchants, you control the whole payment process.

Never miss a receipt.

All your employees need to do is forward their receipts to the Moss app. Then thanks to reliable OCR technology, card receipts are automatically matched to their corresponding card transactions, together with auto-filled receipt data.

Breeze through your pre-accounting.

Month-end pre-accounting has never been simpler. Data extracted from card receipts combined with card or merchant-specific accounting rules allows you to quickly prepare and export your card spend in just a few clicks.

Reduce the risk of overspend and fraud.

By setting each card’s purpose and limit, customising usage and approval policies, and tracking transactions in real-time, overspending and fraud no longer stand a chance. Card limit reached? You can easily adjust it or deactivate the card, either manually or by setting up pre-defined rules.

Choose your card type.

Just a few clicks. That’s all it takes to give your employees the cards they need. Whether it’s for a specific project or a long-term subscription, virtual card or physical. It’s your call.

Activate the power of digital payment.

Unleash the full power of Apple Pay with your Moss cards. Let your employees pay with their phones – easily, safely and on the go.

Moss Credit

The intelligent credit card with flexible payment terms.
  • High limits of up to £2.5 million per month

  • Flexible payment terms

  • Real Mastercards accepted worldwide

  • Cards for various purposes and people

  • Create and customise cards with just a few clicks.

  • Adjust specific card limits as you go

Moss Debit

Cards with customisable budget management. More about Debit →
  • No credit underwriting required

  • Top up your account as needed

  • Real Mastercards accepted worldwide

  • Cards for various purposes and people

  • Create and customise cards with just a few clicks

  • Adjust specific card limits as you go

How it works:

Issue your employees with a Moss card.

Your employees can request a new card via Moss, choosing a physical, virtual, one-time, subscription or monthly card as needed. Then you and your team can review and approve the new card within minutes.

Your team uses their Moss cards securely and easily.

Employees use their designated Moss card for the approved purpose, and then easily upload their receipts via the Moss desktop or mobile app.

Review and control card spend in real-time.

Your finance team, admins or line managers have a complete, transparent and real-time view of all card spend by employee, card type, usage and more. If needed, card allowance and limits can be adjusted, increased or paused.

Breeze through your pre-accounting.

As Moss directly integrates into your accounting software, your month-end pre-accounting becomes seamless. With a few clicks of a button, all your transactions have the relevant accounting attributes assigned, allowing you to import them, fully prepared, directly into your accounting software.

Moss combines all the tools you need in one place

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