Clear guidelines
Approval policies in Moss

Different expenses require different approval processes - with Moss, you decide who has to approve which amounts. Give your team back their freedom with approval policies in Moss.

No more question marks

Who has to approve what? How much am I allowed to spend? Make the rules yourself and keep track of all approvals in real time.

Customised processes

As much control as you need: Moss fits seamlessly into existing structures and maps flows for handling requests the way they are.

More productive teams

Individual approval policies provide more transparency quickly and easily - and create room for you to focus on the essentials.

More transparency

Hallway whispers, emails and in the end no one has an overview. Moss brings together approvals in one place.

Your company, your rules - approvals with Moss

Individual approval polices

Clear rules are essential for controlling company spend. Create custom approval workflows for different thresholds and apply these to entire company or specific teams as you need.

Guidelines for every need

Do you prefer to play it safe with larger amounts? No problem. Set rules for spend requests or selected teams and determine who has to approve. Whether it's one or several stakeholders, managers or also CFOs and accountants - set up approvals the way you need it and adjust rules at any time.

4 simple steps to the new rule

It only takes a few clicks to set up a new approval policy in your company. Give your policy a name, define the threshold amounts and define the people responsible for approval. This way, no questions remain unanswered. Rules and policies can be renamed, adapted or deleted at any point.

Clear approval processes

Put an end to ambiguities, e-mail confusion and the eternal question of who is responsible. Thanks to the predefined release responsibility, it is immediately clear who is responsible for the request. Invoices are also easily approved and managed in this way. Status notifications and real-time updates keep you informed at all times.

One for all – or one for each team
Custom approval policies with Moss

Stamp less, do more

Put an end to constant interruptions: Create policies for different expenses and set approval levels individually. Whether for specific amounts or individual teams. Determine who has to release which payment instead of approving small amounts one by one. And get back to your real job.

More clarity, less confusion

Do you need to pay for an urgently needed tool quickly, but the finance team is piling up with requests? With Moss, you determine who is responsible for approvals and make approval flows simple and transparent. No more reminding managers of verbal agreements or waiting weeks for the necessary approval.

Approval Policies in your hand

Having the last word or being able to hand over responsibility? Both are possible! One click – and the accounting department is added as an approval level, can check the expenditure and approve or reject it. This saves the hassle of checking receipts and invoices afterwards. With Moss, you are on board at early on and help determine which expenses make sense. And which don't.

Hit the brakes - and move faster

You don't want your team to spend more than 2,000 pound this month? Quickly create a rule for a specific team, set a maximum amount and leave budget worries behind. New month, new rules? Just as quickly as you can create a workflow, you can deactivate or update it. And whenever your team hands in a request, they have visibility on the most up to date approval flows.


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